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Directions for Submitting Enrollment Data on MCO Staff Website

After logging in to the MCO Staff website,, click on the ENROLLMENT DATA link on the left hand side, in the light blue left side navigation area. NOTE:  You must have Member privileges to see this link.  If you do not have an account on the MCO staff website go to: and set one up.  Contact Ronda Edwards ( for an account upgrade. 

  1. The csv template file has changed slightly from the past format at ETOM.  On the website, click onTHIS TEMPLATE FILEto download a sample csv file that shows you the fields required when inputting your enrollments. The last two columns that identified if the course was offered on the MCCVLC and the MCCVLC enrollment numbers have been eliminated.  Please use the new template file when uploading on the MCO site.  Download new csv template here.  

  2. When adding data to your csv file you can click on the Import Enrollment Data link for hints as to what the valid course types are and what the valid license types are. 
    • Valid ‘Course Types’ are: Hybrid, ITV, Online, Print Based, and Telecourse
    • Valid ‘License Types’ are: Annenberg, Coast ,  Dallas, ETOM, INDIV, Intelecom, No Charge, PBS
    • Sections per course would be used if you offered more than one section of a particular course
    • License Type is only used for telecourses.
    • For a telecourse, use the telecourse producer’s course title for the ‘Course Name’ field.
    • For ITV courses please include enrollment data for all sites in the enrollment column.
  3. When you are finished inputting data in your csv file, save it as a csv file.
  4. Click on the Import Enrollment Data link or if you are already on the Upload Enrollment Data page, pick the correct semester, then browse to find your file, click open, then click the next button. 
  5. You will be shown a confirmation screen after you click the NEXT button to verify the uploaded data as well as any errors that may have occurred. If there were errors, please check over your csv file and try the process again.
  6. The last step is to click the Save Data button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. You can check your enrollment data by clicking on the Enrollment Reports link in the left side MCO navigation bar.
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