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The design of the MCCVLC, the Virtual Campus web site, and the services developed by member colleges has been in support of Michigan students who have geographical access to a "Home" college.  Serving out of state and international students will require that all student and academic support services be provided at a distance, as visiting a "Home" college will become impractical.  Recognizing that some member colleges may choose not to develop such services for out of state and international students immediately, the Virtual Campus web site has been enhanced to refer out of state students only to those colleges choosing to develop the appropriate links and identify individual contacts with some expertise in assisting these students.  

The MCCVLC will utilize the "Provider college / Home college" model for out of state students, just as for Michigan students, so everyone will have access to all courses offered through the Virtual Campus; it may be a bit more challenging to provide the home college services to out of state and international students.

Guidelines for member college services to out of state students and web page requirements have been approved by the Advisory Council and the MCCVLC Governing Board. 


  • Advisor for out of state students routinely accessible via e-mail and phone.
  • Information on foreign languages (if any) supported
  • On-line admissions process
  • If placement testing is mandatory, identify alternatives for:
    • High school student (ie, ACT, SAT, others)
    • Adults returning to college or first time students
  • Orientation for D/L students (could be on-line, video, CD or combination) w/ info on:
    • tuition, fees, etc.
    • payment requirements and timelines
    • financial aid
    • registration processes, including drop/add and withdrawal
    • college course participation and grading policies
    • how to access on-line courses / obtain necessary passwords
    • how to obtain text books and other course materials
    • how to access assistance with on-line courses
    • test proctoring procedures
  • Provisions for Library services for D/L students
  • Student handbook on-line

Web page resource guidelines

  • Information about all programs of study offered by the college that can reasonably be completed at a distance
  • Information about foreign languages supported
  • Access to advisors for D/L programs of study
  • Access to on-line admissions
  • Access to D/L orientation
  • Access to Library Services
  • Directory of campus services
  • Access to academic records

It is anticipated that the appropriate url's will be provided for inclusion on the Virtual Campus web page(s) developed to provide information for out-of-state and international students, as will the name, e-mail address and phone for at least one student advisor prepared to assist such students.

Last modified: May 1, 2001
Michael W. Wahl , Executive Director MCCVLC


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