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"A Statewide Collaborative Approach to Online Academic and Student Support Services"

Focus on Implementation

As of December 31, 2005, the FIPSE project is concluded. While we expect to maintain and enhance each service project indefinitely, all further development will be done by MCCA and college staff without the support of any external funding. Colleges are encouraged to implement any of the services that will help support online students. As described in the original grant proposal, implementation includes two aspects:

  • Making support services available for online learners
  • Making students aware of these services

Each Michigan community college has unique requirements for online learner support services; grant developed resources are now available to assist in meeting the needs of each program. Other colleges and universities may also utilize these resources - please contact Michael Wahl for details.

Templates for Colleges

To assist Michigan community colleges in utilizing resources developed via the FIPSE grant, templates have been prepared for several services. These templates will require modification to apply your college logo, contact information and navigation. Copyright may be your college and the Michigan Community College Association. Please retain the acknowledgement of FIPSE and the US Dept. of Ed.

Academic Advising

Self-paced Tutoring

Orientation to Online Learning

Orientation - Technical and Computer Skills

Orientation to Blackboard

Orientation to Ucompass Educator

Colleges may download, modify and rename these templates as appropriate. Additional resources may be linked from the repository, online college resources or other Internet resources. If modifications are made that may be of interest to other Michigan community colleges, please contact Michael Wahl so your enhancements may be disseminated.

FIPSE Technology Tools

Links to the e-Learning Factory (eLF) content repository, technology tools, and instructions for creating, finding and using shareable content objects and modules are available on the FIPSE Technology Tools page.

FIPSE Tutoring 'eBLVD' Hands-on Workshop - May 24, 2005
Lansing Community College - West Campus

This workshop provided attendees with hands-on time to work with "eBlvd" in order to become much more comfortable with it. "eBlvd" is the mechanism to be used (at each college's option) for the synchronous portion of the FIPSE Tutoring site. "eBlvd" will be free to each college for one year courtesy of the MCCVLC FIPSE Grant.

MCCVLC / FIPSE Year 3 Workshop - October 13, 2004

A workshop was held on October 13 at Montcalm Community College to review the progress made by the seven FIPSE service teams and finalize plans for the final year of the grant. Many of the materials presented at this workshop are now available online at the MCCVLC FIPSE Year 3 Workshop Resources page.

FIPSE Project Evaluation - Student Survey

The evaluation plan for the FIPSE grant included surveying students in the fall of 2003 and 2004 to get information about their awareness of, as well as satisfaction with, online learner support services. Results of these two surveys are available on the MCCVLC Research and Assessment web page.

The final student survey for the FIPSE evaluation will take place during the fall of 2005. Colleges should make plans to have as many students as possible participate in this survey. It will not only benefit the FIPSE project, but the results may be useful in assessing outcomes of the online learning program for each college.

Grant Background  

In September of 2002, the Michigan Community College Association received notification from the U.S. Department of Education that a proposal to the Fund for Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) had been accepted for funding. See the PROJECT ABSTRACT for a more complete description. The grant period will be October 1, 2002 through September 30, 2005.

This initiative will assist the 28 public Michigan community colleges in developing distributed, integrated online academic and student support services. In the context of this grant, distributed means that in most cases, services will be provided to a student by one of the 28 Michigan community colleges, either their home college or provider college. Integrated means that services provided online will be consistent with, and to the extent possible, coordinated with, similar services that might be provided to students by traditional means. This project was not intended to to be comprehensive in scope and address every area of online academic and student support services; rather it will focus on six specific areas of student support (follow the links for more information):

These six areas were selected for development because they may directly influence student success in online courses, the expertise exists to effectively modify these services for online access, and because each may be developed and deployed more efficiently through collaboration. Working in a parallel development process will be the Total Project Implementation Team, whose goal will be to provide convenient navigation to these services for students at the times they are most likely to need support services.

While each of the six areas of student support will proceed on an independent timeline, recognizing the unique requirements of each service area and the preferences of services professionals, a similar general FIPSE PLAN of WORK will be followed for each.

Michigan community colleges will also benefit from the results of a FIPSE-funded project at the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications (WCET) that has resulted in a 'Promising Practices' online publication- WCET Partnership Creates New Online Student Services.

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The complete MCCA FIPSE proposal, as submitted to the Department of Education, is available for download as a MSWord file.

The MCCA FIPSE Final Report , as submitted to the Department of Education, is available for download as a MSWord file.

This project is sponsored in part by the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Department of Education.

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