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The MCCVLC Course Quality Assurance Project is an inter-institutional process that utilizes the MCCVLC Online Course Development Guidelines and Rubric with inter-institutional peer review of courses to certify the quality of online courses offered at our member institutions. The major objective of the MCCVLC Course Quality Assurance Project is to provide a credible and valid process that will assure participating colleges, as well as students, that online courses offered by our member institutions have been reviewed and determined to be of high quality. Courses that go through the peer-review process will receive recognition of excellence.

The benefits to member institutions who participate in the project include:

• Assuring and improving course quality,
• Enhancing accreditation efforts,
• Enabling confidence in course transferability and course sharing (for collaborative programs),
• Positively impacting student learning,
• Fostering the sharing of materials and expertise, and
• Creating opportunities for training and professional development

Project Specifics

This project is completely voluntary. Colleges who choose to participate will:

  • Designate their MCCVLC Advisory Council representative (or someone else from the institution) to be responsible for communicating with the Review Team and the course faculty.
  • Submit the applications for the course(s) to be reviewed and faculty to be included in other review teams. NOTE: For each course submitted the college must provide 3 faculty for other review teams.
  • Agree to provide whatever support is needed during course review as well as any instructional design support to ensure that the course meets the quality standards.

Project Timeline - Summer 2011 Session

  • Each college will identify course(s) they would like to have peer-reviewed. The college will submit a Course Review Application Form for each course by April 29, 2011.
  • For each course that a college submits an application for review, they must identify three faculty to participate in other course reviews, and submit a Faculty Course Reviewer Application form by April 29, 2011.
  • Colleges will be informed of which courses and faculty have been chosen to participate in the Pilot Project by May 6, 2011. Courses will be selected based on the pool of faculty course reviewer applications received and their discipline expertise.
  • All faculty chosen for the pilot project will participate in MCCVLC peer review training on May 13, 2011 at the MCCA building. The college will agree to provide resources (time, financial, technical) to support the faculty members who go through the training and then review a course.
  • Faculty will be placed into teams of three including one from the home institution and two from other institutions offering online courses/programs. At least one of the above mentioned faculty will be a content expert for course being reviewed. One member of the team will serve as team chair.
  • Faculty teams will review the course. This process should take from 4 to 6 weeks. The teams will communicate via email and/or audio conferences. The team chair will submit the results to the MCCVLC office.
  • Colleges will be notified of the results of the course peer review in July 2011.


MCCVLC Course For Review Application form - Form used to submit a course for review

MCCVLC Course Reviewer Nomination form - Form used to nominate a faculty member as a course reviewers.

Resources & Links:

MCCVLC Course Development Guidelines & Rubric

Online Rubric for Quality Assurance Project

Learning Outcomes Checklist - A checklist to help in the review of outcomes/activities/assessments.

Learning Outcomes - Action Verbs - a listing of action verbs that could be useful when designing learning outcomes.


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