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Prior to the meeting time


Test your connection to the webcast server and confirm that all necessary software components and/or plug-ins are installed and properly configured; also that there are no firewall issues with your network connection

Set up your audio

  • Make sure that your speakers will work to allow you to hear the webcast
  • Set up a microphone so you can speak to others during the webcast.  Note: a headset or an "echo-canceling" microphone are strongly recommended - otherwise your computer system may introduce echo and static into the webcast

Set up your video - some portions of the webcast may include broadcast of video.  If you would like to be able to broadcast video from your computer, you will need to configure and test a webcam

Become familiar with the user interface for the webcast.  At a minimum, you will want to find the chat window and know how to get the attention of the meeting moderator by "raising your hand"


During the webcast meeting


Connect to the webcast a few minutes prior to the designated start time for the meeting

When you log in to the webcast, make sure that you create / use a profile with your full name and put your college in parenthesis: ie, Ronda Edwards (MCCA).  This will make it easier for everyone to identify meeting participants.

It may be necessary to run the audio setup in order to select the correct microphone.

The meeting will begin with only the microphone of the moderator active.  Use the chat window to communicate with the moderator or other meeting participants.  Raise your hand to request the microphone so you can speak to everyone in the meeting.

Review the agenda so you will be prepared to communicate and participate where your input is needed - you may want to have a local copy of documents or websites available on your desktop


After the webcast meeting


Contact the VLC staff with reports of difficulties encountered or suggestions for improving future webcast meetings.  Note that the meeting will be recorded so it may be reviewed at a later time.




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