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The MCCVLC Open Textbook Project is an initiative that provides training for faculty, staff and librarians with information on how to discover, adopt, use and author open textbooks.  Open textbooks are adaptable, flexible textbooks that usually are less expensive than traditional published textbooks, and provide instructors with a variety of options for use with their courses.

The MCCVLC is working with the national Open Textbook Project, funded in part by the Hewlett Foundation and housed at Foothill/DeAnza Community College.  Below you will find links to training sessions, repositories and other tools to assist faculty with the adoption of open textbooks. 

Training Sessions:

Orientation to Open Textbooks (June 8, 2010)  This session looked at what are open textbooks, how are they developed/authored, how are they licensed and used.

How to Use Open Textbooks - Part 1 (October 8, 2010)   This session provides faculty, instructional designers and librarians with the information they will need to review, adopt and even contribute to the open textbook initiatives across the country.

In part 1, our presenter, Jacky Hood, Director of the College Open Textbooks project focuses on all aspects of  selection of Open Textbooks: including reviewing process, accessibility reviews, peer reviews, repositories, licensing options, and adoption processes.

How to Use Open Textbooks - Part 2  (October 15, 2010)  In part 2, Jacky covers: Adoption rules, formats, modifying textbooks and installing them in LMS.


The Community College Open Textbook Collaborative - The Community College Open Textbook Collaborative, funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, is a collection of college, governmental agencies, educational nonprofits, and other education-related organizations.  The collaborative provides training for instructors adopting open resources, peer reviews of open textbooks, an online professional network, support for authors opening their resources, and other services. 

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