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MCO Representative Council Job Description

The MCO Advisory Council consists of the representatives identified by the president of each member community college to assist in the development of the operational policies and procedures required to realize the strategic objectives of the collaborative.  Each Advisory Council member (and alternate) should consider the following responsibilities as part of their commitment to their college and the MCO:

  • Maintain appropriate communications regarding the MCO within their college, including regular updates to the President
  • Facilitate the discussions on their campus with regard to MCO operational policies and procedures that are the responsibility of various departments at the college.  The MCO Rep Council member should view themselves as a team leader and work with all affected college functions/departments to facilitate smooth operations for the students.
  • Provide information to college faculty and staff regarding professional development opportunities offered through the MCO.
  • Provide information to potential students regarding courses/programs offered through the MCO.
  • Provide information to appropriate college sources regarding the marketing of the MCO within the college publications and web site.
  • Review the MCO web site on a regular basis and confirm that all college data is correct.  If information is out of date, facilitate the correction of the information.
  • Participate in MCO Representative Council meetings and represent the college’s interest in the development of operational policies and procedures.
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