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TitleUsing AI-Supported Technology in Online Courses to Improve Student Critical Thinking and Writing
HostMichigan Colleges Online
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Date 4/16/2019
Time 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Notes/Description This session will focus on how discipline-specific writing can improve student outcomes such as critical thinking and communication skills. We will discuss methods to scale administering, grading and giving feedback on writing assignments in distance learning programs. A study was performed that compared 3 different writing/teaching methods using students from 3 sections of a junior-level psychology course; all students were taught 100% online and were given the same basic course content (ex. Online lectures, quizzes, etc.) Group 1 used a discussion platform (Packback Questions) that implemented artificial intelligence (AI) to improve student writing. Group 2 used the standard LMS discussion platform (without the AI) and Group 3 was shown a sample discussion question and an ideal student answer each week. Results of this study will be discussed and the audience will be shown anonymous student questions and questions asked by prominent figures in related fields. Attendees will understand how different discussion methods affect student outcomes and will be able to apply different discussion methods to online courses.

Presenter: Kathleen West – University of North Carolina Charlotte

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