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TitleMCO OER Faculty Conversations - Science/Biology
HostMichigan Colleges Online
Website Link
Date 1/25/2018
Time 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Notes/Description Join us for the MCO Faculty Conversations on OER - Science/Biology. These conversations feature faculty who are currently using an open textbook or other open educational resources (OER)in their courses. The conversations are open to all faculty who want to learn more about the experience from their peers.

This session will be facilitated by Dr. Janice Fritz, from St. Clair County Community College. Dr. Fritz uses the OpenStax A&P open textbook, and instructor created lab manual in her Anatomy & Physiology courses.

While the conversation will be free to roam where the participants want to go - some questions to start the conversation may include:
- What textbook are you using and why?
- Did you make any adjustments to your teaching?
- Any challenges for faculty?
- How did your students like the textbook?
- Any challenges for the students?
- What would you do differently next time?

Note: These sessions will not be recorded

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