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TitleEmerging Apps that Help Deliver Content & Promote Creative Collaboration
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Date 4/16/2014
Time 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Notes/Description Students usually expect they will only walk away with a full knowledge of the content for the subject area in which they are learning. Educators know this is not the case. Students and educators must also learn how to effectively convey the concepts they have learned, complete class projects, and even interview for an employer. The presenters will highlight four applications and Web-based spaces in which students can demonstrate, create and collaborate across cutting-edge technologies. The presenters will demonstrate ways to tailor instructional guidelines to offer resources for laptops, tablets, and iPhones. These applications can improve the visual delivery of course materials and expand the communication power of student submissions.

Presenters: Christie Hughes, Faculty, Jackson College
Joy Walters, Instructional Designer, Jackson College

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